Dripmate A / S is a Danish company which was founded in 2007 with the desire to change the possibilities of intravenous treatment through our product for the benefit of patients as our product should be easy to operate, reliable and economically attractive for Hospitals and other users of the product.

An initial CE-labeled batch was released in 2014. The batch was used for intensive market research to develop a business plan and market the product. In 2015, Dripmate A / S received a partial grant from the Market Maturity Fund and a complete makeover of the product took place to meet the emerging market requirements.

The first production of the Dripmate regulator was launched on the market in October 2017 via our French distributor MacoPharma.

Dripmate regulator: Dripmate A / S has developed an innovative device for continuous intravenous medication. Continuous intravenous medication is one of the often used ways of giving treatment in hospitals worldwide.

The dripmate regulator solves a host of inconvenient challenges associated with a traditional continuous intravenous treatment. When using the Dripmate regulator, a more precise intravenous dosing can be carried out, thereby providing greater assurance that patients will receive the correct amount of medication.

With traditional intravenous treatment more than 20% treatment discontinuation occurs. The dripmate regulator will address and minimize these unplanned treatment stops, thus prompting rapid intervention by healthcare professionals. Associated healthcare professionals will also be able to monitor more patients more closely during continuous intravenous treatment using the Dripmate regulator than with the current traditional method, as Dripmate provides both audio and visual alarms. Thus, when using Dripmate regulator, a significant qualitative boost is achieved and significant resource savings are achieved, as all types of infusion set can be used.

Dripmate is unique as a Medical Device because it does not require calibration or ongoing maintenance, which also saves resources in the technical department of the hospitals.

In 2018 improvements were made to expanding language variation of the product and at the same time it was changed to only be a multi-language version. Dripmate is available in the following languages ​​English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Danish.

Feedback from the market indicated that a special night function was needed and therefore the product was upgraded with that also.

Board of Directors: Dripmate A / S consists of a professional board of directors

  • Arne Kaae as Chairman of the Board, with a Cand. Pharm and over 30 years of employment with Novo Nordisk as Senior Vice President.
  • Karsten Lollike, MD 1990, Ph.D 1997 and currently affiliated with Novo Nordisk as Corporate Vice President, QPPV.
  • Bo Eklund, Cand. Merc. Aud with significant management experience including as former director of SAS Handling, Bombardier Transportation A / S and Senior Vice President Falck Europe.
  • Henrik Oehlenschlæger, Lawyer (H), member of the Law Council, Chairman of the Law Society’s Responsibility Committee.
  • Berit Ahlmann Thomsen, Authorized Nurse (RN) 1988 and Anesthesiologic Nurse (CRNA) 1998, Diploma in Education, Guidance and Change Processes 2011. Currently affiliated with the Blood Bank, Rigshospitalet for stem cell harvest.

Arne Kaae have been associated with the company since its establishment in 2007. Arne Kaae has been Chairman of the Board throughout the period, while In 2017 CE certification was made and, together with the ongoing development of the product, a production line was established under the quality management system regulation according to ISO 13485: 2012 and distribution agreements were signed to cover several European countries.

Staff: In 2017, 1 Design Engineer joined and 1 Mechanical Engineer. In 2018, another 1 Mechanical Engineer joined.

Certifications: In 2017, Dripmate A / S was certified CE under EU Directive 93/42 / EEC on medical devices as well as Danish Executive Order No. 1263 of 15 December 2008. Quality system was developed and complies with ISO13485: 2016 for which Dripmate was certified. September 27, 2017.

In 2018, quality management system was upgraded to DS EN / ISO13485: 2016.

CE mark issued by Bureau Veritas, Italy 27.04.2017.

ISO13485: 2016 certification issued by Bureau Veritas, Denmark 02.07.2018.

Location: Dripmate A / S is located at Symbion, a development house with approx. 400 other new innovative companies, universities and governmental organizations. Symbion is located on Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen in quiet surroundings with green areas and good connections to public transport.

Dripmate - Medical Device