Why choose Dripmate?

  • Easy to operate
  • Reliable
  • Alarms with sound and light for safety
  • Quality product
  • Nice design
  • User friendly size
  • No maintenance or calibration
  • Low manufacturing cost
  • Economically in use

Dripmate can be used for intravenous infusion:

  • Thin liquids (like sodium chloride, glucose)
  • Liquids containing medicines (like antibiotics, vitamins)

How is intravenous treatment given?

Continuous intravenous medication for patients is the most common way of giving treatments in hospitals worldwide and can be done through:

  • Common drop sets where flow is manually adjusted with a roller clamp. They are typically inexpensive to use but can be difficult to adjust to a specific flow and thus lead to unsafe dosing. There are no alarms when the infusion for some reason stops (crack on the infusion set, empty infusion bag).
  • Infusion pumps that regulate flow ensure correct dosing and are most often used for high-potential medication. They are expensive to purchase and / or expensive to operate, as they usually require a special infusion set to fit that particular infusion pump.

The scope covers both of the use of regular drop set with roller calmp and infusion pump.

Dripmate is a cheaper alternative to the pump, ensures high precision in flow compared to roller clamp adjustment and can be used with all types of drop sets. At the same time, Dripmate requires no maintenance or calibration.

Dripmate - Medical Device

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