Four new languages added to Dripmate

Dripmate strives for being user-friendly and to be available on the market in the language our client is most comfortable with – therefore, we are happy to announce that Dripmate’s language availability from Danish, English and French has now been upgraded to Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish.

Welcome to the new R&D Engineer

We are very happy to welcome and announce our new R&D Engineer, Finn Beldring. Finn is a mechanical engineer, who has previously worked with industrial product development. His experience and knowledge are the reason behind hiring him. We are looking forward for his contribution and for a long and beneficial collaboration.


Dripmate is an innovative newly developed device for continuous intravenous medication. Continuous intravenous medication is one of the most widely used treatments in hospitals worldwide.

Dripmate solves a number of challenges related to the traditional continuous intravenous treatment. With Dripmate, a more accurate intravenous dosage can be performed, hereby assuring that patients receiving Dripmate for intravenous treatment receive the correct amount of medicine. In traditional intravenous treatment, more than 20% of the treatments have a stop.

Dripmate will address and minimize these unplanned treatment stops, thus achieving prompt intervention by the staff. Associated personnel will also be able to monitor more patients during continuous intravenous treatment using Dripmate than with the current traditional method, since Dripmate provides both audio and visual alarms. Thus, with the use of Dripmate, a significant qualitative improvement is achieved, while at the same time achieving substantial resource savings.

Dripmate - Medical Device

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