The Board

Arne Kaae, Dripmate

Arne Kaae

Chairman of the Board

Cand. Pharm

For more than 30 years, employed by Novo Nordisk, recently Senior Vice President, Head of Global Marketing and Business Development, Diabetes Care Business.

Arne Kaae was co-founder of Dripmate A/S in 2007 and has since been chairman of the board.

Carsten Berger, CEO, Dripmate

Carsten Berger

Board member

Real estate agent (deposited). Diploma Valuar (Diploma of Valuation). Economic and financial background. Work experience in Denmark, within the EU and in companies located outside the EU. Many board member positions, including the role as chairman and vice chairman of companies listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange NASDAQ OMX.

QMS Auditor / Medical Device ISO13485 (Medico Industry), Cybersecurity – Consequences for the Medical Industry (Medico Industry), ISO13485: 2016 Upgrade (Bureau Veritas), The Medical Device Directives In Europe, NEW Mdr-2017-745 and EN ISO13485: 2016 , FDA Regulation of Medical Devices: Recent FDA Guidance Document (Medico Industry).

Carsten Berger came to Dripmate A/S immediately after Dripmate A/S was formed, where Carsten joined the board. Carsten Berger has been a member of the Supervisory Board for the period 2007-2012, as well as since 2017, where Carsten Berger both joined the CEO and joined the Board.

Berit Ahlmann Thomsen

Board member.

Registered Nurse (RN) in 1988 and Certified Registered Nurse in Anesthesiology (CRNA) 1998. Diploma in communication, guidance and change of processes.

Currently affiliated with the Blood Bank, Rigshospitalet for stem cell collection.

For many years Berit Ahlmann Thomsen has been associated with the development of Dripmate to varying degrees.

Berit Ahlmann Thomsen joined the Board in Dripmate June 2019.