New production agreement

Dripmate A/S has entered into an agreement with ALPHA Elektronik A/S in Næstved for the control of all components, the assembly of Dripmate’s product and the shipment of the final products directly to Dripmate’s customers.
In connection with this collaboration, Dripmate A/S has trained ALPHA’s employees in the handling of the Dripmate product.
Dripmate will as formerly be responsible for the release of products prior to shipment to customers.

CTO, Marie-Louise Rasmussen, comments: “We are very happy for the new collaboration. At our audit at ALPHA we got to experience ALPHA’s structured, well-educated and engaged employees. It was very reassuring to see how competent and well-organized ALPHA is. Furthermore, ALPHA is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified and has previously produced medical device. We are sure that our products will be in good hands at ALPHA Elektronik.”

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