Congresses in 2018

Macopharma, the distributor of Dripmate in France, Belgium, UK, Austria and French speaking export markets will in 2018 bring Dripmate to the following congresses:

– March 16th-17th Berlin Melia Hotel VZA.
– March 21st-23rd the 23rd Congress of the EAHP in Gothenburg, Sweden.
– May 3rd-5th, ADKA in Stuttgart, German hospital pharmacy congress,
– May 16th-18th, Hopipharm in Bordeaux, France.
– April 5th-6th VZA in Berlin, Germany.
– June 15th-16th in Dresden Germany.
– June 22nd-23rd in Düsseldorf, Germany, Oncology Regional Congress.
– October 3rd-5th, GERPAC in Presqu’île de Giens – Hyères, France
– October 16th-18th, Euro Pharmat in Nancy, France

Representatives from Dripmate A/S will be attending the EAPH congress in Gothenburg, Sweden, March 21st-23rd.

Cooperation with DTU (Technical University of Denmark)

Dripmate A/S has in the beginning of February 2018 entered a collaboration with Bram Rosendahl Stampe Christiansen and Stefan Blaabjerg Høgild, who are studying for their MSc degrees in Design and Innovation from DTU (The Technical University of Denmark). Bram and Stefan will with Tobias Eifler (Assistant Professor at DTU) as their supervisor start a project with focus on optimizing Dripmate for production.

CTO, Marie-Louise Rasmussen comments: We look very much forward to the cooperation and are very excited to see what it will lead to. We believe it will be a great experience for Bram and Stefan as students and for Dripmate as a small company on a big market in constant development.

Capital increase

On December 27th 2017, the extraordinary general meeting decided for a capital increase in Dripmate A/S of 327.500 DKK (app. 44 TEUR) – the amount has subsequently been paid from the capital owner, as well as registered in the Danish Business Authority.

The company is thus still self-financed and therefore still has no need for bank or other forms of foreign funding.

On 31st of December 2016, the company had an equity of 8.7 MDKK (app 1.2 MEUR), which is in 2017 increase with 2.3 MDKK (app. 313 TEUR).

Visit to Macopharma and the hospital in Valenciennes

Two weeks ago, CEO, Carsten Berger and CTO, Marie-Louise Rasmussen visited Macopharma, who in August launched Dripmate to the French market. Since the launch, Macopharma has collaborated with the hospital of Valenciennes who received the first delivery.

CTO, Marie-Louise comments: “The meeting with Macopharma and the hospital has provided us with some great feedback that recognized the high quality, precision and ease of use of Dripmate. Furthermore, it has given us valuable insight including some good suggestions to further development which the doctors and nurses had thought of during the initial use. This feedback is highly appreciated as we are constantly working on improving Dripmate to live up to our customers’ needs and expectations. This meeting has contributed with significant inputs that will enable us to further improve our product”.

Capital increase

On october 18th 2017, a capital increase in Dripmate A/S of 900 TDKK (app. 121 TEUR) was agreed upon at an extraordinary general meeting. The amount has subsequently been paid from the capital owners, as well as registered in the Danish Business Authority. Dripmate A/S therefore continues as a self-financed company and thus, has no need for further bank loans or other forms of foreign funding. On 31st of December, Dripmate A/S had an equity of 8.7 MDKK (app 1.2 MEUR), which is in 2017 an increase of 2.0 MDKK (app. 269 TEUR). The company expects positive results for 2017.

Dun & Bradstreet AA credit rating 

Dripmate A/S has received an AA credit rating from Dun & Bradstreet Denmark.

CEO, Carsten Berger, comments: “I am proud that we, at this early stage, where we have just completed an extensive development phase, have achieved an AA credit rating even before our initial accounts, after our transition to sales and production, have been presented.”

ISO 13485 approval

Today, Dripmate A/S has received its ISO 13485 certificate.

CEO, Carsten Berger, comments: “I am very pleased that Bureau Veritas certifies that the Management System of Dripmate A/S has been audited and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the management system standard ISO 13485.”

Distribution agreement with Macopharma

In August 2017 – after concluding a distribution agreement with the French company Macopharma – Dripmate shipped its first part-delivery, which is now on the French market.

The distribution agreement grants Macopharma exclusivity to distribute Dripmate products in France, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Austria.

CEO Carsten Berger comments:
“Prior to our first delivery, Macopharma representatives visited us and our subcontractors and they were very pleased with the quality of our setup and the product itself. Dripmate targets the application range between the usual IV treatment and the very expensive pump treatment which so far have been the only two options. Macopharma supplies products to more than 3,000 hospitals, several of which have more than 1,000 beds. By comparison, in Denmark there are approx. 60 hospitals”.

The first order, which will be delivered continuously over 1-2 months, has a value of DKK 3.6 million.

Macopharma is a distributor company with more than 2,500 employees and a turnover of more than EUR 186 million in 2016.

Recruitment of Chief Technical Officer

Marie-Louise Rasmussen has been appointed Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Dripmate A/S.

Marie-Louise is responsible for research and development and, together with the CEO of the company, assumes responsibility for the production and purchasing, including responsibility for product release. She will also be the QA/RA management representative.

Marie-Louise has a background as a Master of Science (MSc) from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

CEO Carsten Berger comments:

“I am pleased that we have been able to attract Marie-Louise as our CTO. The appointment was made based on a personal reference highlighting the personal and very strong professional skills that Marie-Louise possesses. From the very first day she has shown her abilities and dedication to the company and our product. I am sure that Marie-Louise will be a big asset for the company. “

Manufacturing agreement

Dripmate A/S has entered into an agreement with Tronex A/S for the control of all components, the assembly of Dripmate’s product and the shipment of the final products directly to Dripmate’s customers.

As part of this collaboration, Dripmate A/S will educate the Tronex employees to handle the Dripmate product, as only authorized employees are allowed to handle Dripmate’s products at each production stage. Dripmate undertakes the teaching and the approval of the individual employees.

Before the final delivery to Dripmate’s customers, Dripmate’s internal and external representative of QA/RA must review and compile the Certificate of Conformance (CofC) for each batch and, upon approval, make release for sale, as Dripmate’s product is defined as a Medical Device, classified as “IIa”.